$10,000 Added
on 10ft table!

Please contact Jay helfert (310) 370-3994 or

for 10-ball challenge only.

Event will be held on Jan. 29-31, 2013 and is open to any player. The field is limited to the first sixteen players. Entry fee is $1000 with $10,000 added. Prize money will be divided 50% to First, 25% to Second, 12.5% to Third-Fourth.

All matches are Ten Ball, Race To Fifteen and it is Single Elimination. Entry fees are also paid on site, but I am taking names at this time. If you want to play or back someone, contact me at

The All-Around Championship

Any individual player who participates in all three tournament games is automatically in the running for All-Around Champion. The Derby City Classic's All-Around Champion, determined on an ascending point scale and high quality of play, will be a true "Master of the Table," able to provide keen competition in any game of billiards.

Master Of The Table $25,000.00 Breakdown
1st Place Winner Receives $20,000.00
2nd Place Winner Receives $3,000.00
3rd Place Winner Receives $2,000.00


$1,000 Added Mini-Tournaments


The Derby City 14.1 Challenge will be held for the sixth straight
year.  With $6000 added and an entry fee of only $100 which is
100% returned as prizes, it's the best money odds in town.  The
prelims are Sunday through Wednesday with each entrant shooting a
total of 12 innings of straight pool.  $600 in daily prizes are
given for the top 3 daily shooters.  The 8 players with the
highest runs have a playoff tourney with 100-point games.  Some
games will be on the Accu-stats table. 

Buy your entry at the ticket window and come up to the Straight
Pool Room on the second floor.

Players will be offered a low entry mini-tournaments alternating in 9-Ball, One-Pocket or 9-Ball Bank. The field will be between 32 and 64 with the entire $1,000 added purse awarded to the players. Each mini-tournament will be scheduled in the Official Program, listing the specific sponsor for that evening's play. For more information on mini-tournaments, contact Paul Smith at:

The inaugural year of the Derby City Classic was a rousing success, and everyone at Diamond Billiard Products, Inc. is proud of our innovative approach to tournament opportunities and gratified by player, spectator and sponsor enthusiasm and enjoyment of this billiard event.

Won't you join us in this extraordinary endeavor in 2013? We guarantee fun, fierce competition, solid name association, and increased recognition for everyone associated with the legend and the tradition that is the Derby City Classic.

For specific information or answers to questions, feel free to contact our office at Diamond Billiard Products.  (812)288-7665


NOTICE! The 2014 Derby City Classic online store is closed.

You will need to purchase tickets and player entries
at Ticket office located at The Horseshoe.
Thank you and we will see you at the 2014 DCC!