Entry Fees

Regardless of the sport, all competitors have valid reasons for participating in tournaments and contests - recognition, the level of play, the internalized struggle, and the personal satisfaction. Rarely do they mention monetary reward, but as the old adage suggests, if they say it's the principle, it's the money. After all, "Show me the money" may be the new catch phrase, but the concept is an old one. It is not unusual for professional players with financial acumen and business write-offs to complain about the size of entry fees in the relation to prize money potential or size of purse. Ben Franklin wanted two birds with one stone, and these days, everyone with time management skills and economic savvy wants the best bang for their buck. The Derby City Classic presented by Horseshoe Casino and Hotel, with a high level of guaranteed prize money in relation to its low entry fee, provides an explosive opportunity that few players, professional or amateur, will ignore. Only in The Derby City Classic presented by Horseshoe Casino and Hotel can a total and modest $405 (Entry Fees include a $10.00 registration fee for each event) entry fee investment gives you the chance to win money in all three different games. It's an irresistible billiards trifecta.


The Games

There are many games in the world of billiards: games that require a singular skill or aptitude and games that demand a combination of qualities. Some games are as old as Mark Twain (an avid player in his time) and others are as new as two teenagers making up the rules as they go along. A game's popularity may be limited to a specific region or location or might be international in scope, but one thing remains constant: billiard "people" are interested in them all. By expanding tournament play to include additional games, the Classic introduced new avenues of interest and competition to experienced players and newcomers. By reaching more current players, it created new interests and enlarged possibilities for room owners, equipment manufacturers, sponsoring companies and organizations, and future enthusiasts.


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9-Ball (click here)

Speed, flair and the television age has focused media and spectator attention on the familiar and widely played game of 9-Ball. Because the game itself has become a traditional classic with a wide following, it will be a major element of the Derby City Classic and the finals will be televised.

Because of its national and international popularity, this event always draws a full complement of serious players. Additionally, because of its popularity both as a frequently televised sport and a leisure time pursuit, this event is usually a magnet for spectators. The sponsor of 9-Ball competition can expect to receive solid and positive name recognition and association both during and after the nine days of tournament play and with a national television audience.


One Pocket (click here)

Requiring an intricate combination of strategy and finesse that all billiards players admire, One-Pocket sets a slower, more deliberate pace. It is a game of chess played on a billiard table with feints, advances, retreats and attacks. Allowed only one pocket to score points, each player must still use the entire table as his playing field, calling upon every skill, shot and ability in his repertoire. He must exhibit the patience and wisdom to protect his position and the cunning to seize opportunity immediately.


This is a game that often attracts the premier players: those who with time and attention have honed their skills to a fine, overall edge. Because of the intricacies of One-Pocket, our maximum field is limited, further making its participants members of an elite, specialized group.


9-Ball Bank (click here)

A mathematically precise game of angles, rotation, and speed, 9-Ball Bank has exacting demands. The pace, skill and sounds of colliding balls make it a game of flamboyance and style. 9-Ball Bank is a favorite game in the Midwest and southeast and as such, is widely played in our home area. Each successfully scored shot in the game must be "banked" off at least one rail of the table, but it is not unusual for a planned shot to careen off four rails in a zigzag pattern that could make an Amish quilter envious and dizzy.

9-Ball Bank will start the Derby City Classic and is a favorite game in the Midwestern and South eastern regions of the United States. The game of 9-Ball Bank has an excitement all its own. Those who enjoy an adrenaline rush, whether players or spectators, are immediately attracted to the action of 9-Ball Bank. Because it is rare to find vast quantities of visual adrenaline in one location, the Derby City Classic may well amass a maximum field.