The Tradition

Although evidence dates the game of billiards back to the fifteenth century, the first billiards tournament wasn't put on record until 1878. Billiards seems to have been on an increasingly fast and growing track ever since but no tournament in recent history had been as popular as the twelve year competition held through 1972 at Johnson City, Illinois. Get billiard enthusiasts reminiscing about great players, great tourneys, great games, great memories, and they yearn for those two weeks at Johnson City that drew the world's best players competing in all the games.

General conversation, a desire to return to tradition, and rapid word of mouth resulted in advanced commitment from players to the first Derby City Classic. The success of the tournament, the glowing accolades from players, and their determination to return to The Derby City Classic, proves that not only was it a sorely missed and legendary tradition immediately re-established with the Derby City Classic, but new traditions and legends were born.

What the people say about the Derby City Classic:

"The Derby is the most exciting event I have ever attended. Action, Action, Action. These Derby City Classic Guys sure do know how to put on a show!"
Brady Behrman, Virginia Beach, Virginia

"I played for the first time in 2002 and will not miss another. I played more pool in 9 days then I played in any month. The hotel was great. The action was incredible. The atmosphere is like no other."
Donald Williams, Charlotte, North Carolina

"I've been going to the DCC since 1999 when it started. The players are the best in the world. Stadium style seating let's you get right near the matches. Playing with the pros and the best road players available in Banks matches, One Pocket matchines, and 9 Ball matches; everything is possible. If you want 10 days of POOL, if you want to play, if you want to experience the GAME, if you want to see the VERY best, the DCC can certainly accomodate."
Tom Suarez aka Tom In Cincy / SactownTom, Sacramento, Califorinia